Friday, December 13, 2013

Newsletter #12 (12/13/13)

Hello Quest Families,

Our feast is fast approaching!  If you have not responded, we could use more beverages and main dishes.  Usually, I make a double meal the night before the feast, so this might help :)  Let us know what you can bring.  It does not need to be for more than 5-7 people.

Team Building
One of our focuses on Team Quest this year is to improve our small group work skills.  Friday afternoons have been spent working in small groups to complete a task or a challenge.  Each afternoon has time built in to reflect and discuss how the group functioned as well as what students can do to improve as individuals.  Here are the new "Small Group Norms" that our students agreed were important for groups to follow:

Include everyone
Focused on the goal/objective
Listen to, ask for, and consider the ideas of others
Be willing to compromise

Respect other groups by using indoor voices
Good sportsmanship
Be kind
Have a positive attitude

We have started our new ESB unit, titled Ancient Egypt in Motion.  This integrated unit will cover the Social Studies standards around Ancient Egypt and the Science standards around Forces and Motion.  Students will participate in a few inquiry based learning

Steel Drum Residency

We will have an artist in residence next week.  The artist is Scott Paulsen, a steel drummer who features music from Trinidad.  We will begin the week with an all school assembly in the cafeteria. This will be a presentation by Scott about the culture of Trinidad and the history of the steel drum and will run approximately 45 minutes.   During the week, drumming will happen!  Each child will get one small group lesson on the pans (steel drums) during their AA.  We will end the week with an all school assembly/music share in the cafeteria for approximately 45 minutes.


We have been sledding at recess, which has been a lot of fun!  The only downside, is our sleds keep breaking.  If you know of anyone with a connection to sleds, who might discount some to us, please let us know :)  Thanks!

Questions to ask your student:
How can you use Quest's small group norms in a family, community, job, or as a citizen of a country?
What does it mean for two fractions to be equivalent?
What are you writing for your narrative?
Why were the ancient pyramids built?

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