Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24

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Hello Questers

A big thank you to everyone that made it out for student-led conferences!

Quest Clothing
We will be ordering lovely Quest clothing designed by Siena Mazer (with assistance from Emilee Semprebon and Morgan Longe).  Order forms will be sent home with students later this week. Order Form

Astronomy Test
On Thursday, students will have their end of unit Astronomy test.  Students all have a study guide that was created as a class.  Please review this study guide before the test on Thursday.

Ferry Beach 
Ferry Beach is only 2 weeks away!  A packing list will be sent home with your student this week.  Please let us know when/if questions arise about this trip.  Ferry Beach health forms are due at the end of the week.  We are in the process of placing students in dorm groups as well as study groups.  Both of these groups will consist of only Quest students.  They will have dining groups that will be a mix of Quest, Dream, and Wizard students. 

Students were working on a "Shop Until You Drop" assignment this week, and showed an amazing amount of thoughtfulness when pretend shopping for their families!  We will continue to work with decimal numbers for the next couple of weeks.

Ancient Greece Projects
On Thursday, students presented their Ancient Greece Festival projects.  Students did a fantastic job on these projects.  The progress students made from their Bones and Stones projects was clear.

Questions to ask your student:

What was your favorite Ancient Greece project (not your own)?
What constellation's myth are you researching?
What color are the Quest shirts?
What gifts did you buy for your "Shop Until You Drop" assignment?

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