Friday, September 13, 2013

Newsletter #3 (9/13/13)

Hello Quest Families,

It has been a great week here at CBMS with lots of learning despite the heat and rain!  Here are a few notes on the upcoming weeks on team Quest.

Field Trip
Another reminder about our upcoming field trip.  We are still looking for some help from parent chaperones, so if you are able to join us on our nature hike please email or send in a note.  The permission slip will be attached to this newsletter for your students to return to us.  Field trip details:  On September 25th, we are planning to take a field trip to the Long Trail (the Duxbury Window hike off of Camel's Hump Road).  This field trip will be culmination of our unit on Interdependence.  We will be hiking (about 1 mile in) to a stream to do some place-based studying.  Field trip form

Homework in planners
Now that we are well on our way to becoming full time middle school students we must consider the responsibility that comes with this.  Homework will be assigned weekly in 5th grade and each student is responsible for bringing their completed work to and from school.  Each week we will make sure students write their assignments in their planners.  The planners are a great place for you to check to see what assignments your student is responsible for each night.  There is also a homework link on the Team Quest webpage that will help you and your student stay on top of homework.  A suggestion to keep the planners in good shape is to have your student keep it clipped into a binder.  A homework folder can also be used in conjunction with the planner.

Math Log
 Starting this week students were assigned a Math Log to track their practice with math facts at home.  These logs will be handed out and collected on Tuesdays.  There is also a link to the log on the Quest Math webpage.  Students will complete math fact practice 4 days a week, 10-20 minutes a day.  This practice can include flash cards, website games, card/dice games, or any other unique way of practicing.  As students demonstrate mastery of multiplication facts, they will be given different week long assignments to meet their need. 

Everything with a side of bacon
Our interdisciplinary studies class's new name is..."Everything with a side of bacon."  The students felt that this title represented the many subjects that this class entails.  On PowerSchool, students will receive two grades for this class (Science grade and Social Studies grade).  Which grade an assignment will fall under will be determined by the standards that best fit that assignment.  These assignments will be graded by both teachers.

Questions to ask your students
What is your POW for next week?
What are some plants that grow near the Crossett Brook?
What have you done in your GoogleDocs?
What games can you play for your Math Facts Log?
Did dissect a flower or play a game for your ESB choice day?

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