Friday, September 27, 2013

Newsletter #5 (9/27/13)

Hello Quest Families!  What a great week of learning and beautiful fall colors we had here at CBMS.  Here are some notes:

Field Trip
The field trip to the Long Trail this week was a huge success thanks to the great support we had from parents!  We could not have done it without our fantastic chaperones (Bob Garrett, Tracey Towne, Todd Jones, Melissa Semprebon, Kellee Mazer, Marybeth Longo, Michelle Abajian, Gwynne Berry, Lynn Mason, and Steve Odefey)!  It was wonderful for Team Quest to be able to share our learning with all of you on a beautiful morning. 

e-learning and 21st Century Goals

Students have been learning about their Google Docs.  One feature in Google Docs is “sites.”  Students are using this feature to create a portfolio of their year in fifth grade.  We selected categories based on the Harwood GEs and the Common Core.  Students then reworded these goals to become goals for themselves throughout the school year.  This site is called an eportfolio.  Your student began creating one this week.  We intend this to be another venue (along with grades / Powerschool) in which students can show their learning during these middle school years.  Students will share these during their student led conferences which will be held in November.  

Next week we will be starting letters to our epals!  At this time, Mrs. Williams has connected with one classroom from Germany, one from Poland, and a small group of students from China.  Your student will be writing to one of the other students via the epal program.  Eventually, we hope to Skype with the students in these far away countries!  These epal letters will be written during Writer’s Workshop, and sometimes during ESB.

Last week Mrs. Williams met with Geoff Gevalt from the Young Writer’s Project.  The Young Writer’s Project is “An online community of young writers in VT & NH where creativity and civility reign.” They have created a self contained blogosphere for our classroom.  It is a great resource that we will be able to use.  Your student will be able to share his / her work with classmates, and with others in the school.  Mrs. Williams will introduce this platform to our students next week.  Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Williams will both be using this blog in our classes.

NECAPS  are coming! There will be NO Homework during NECAPS.

 The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, October 1st from 8 - 9:15
Wednesday, October 2nd from 8-9:15, then from 12:45 - 2:20
Thursday, October 3rd from 8 - 9:15
Tuesday, October 8th from 8 - 9:15
Wednesday, October 9th 8 - 9:15 and 12:45 - 2:20
Thursday, October 10th 8 - 9:15

Please avoid scheduling an appointment for your child during these times.  If your student will be leaving at some point during the day, please make sure we know as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements.   We will not be giving homework during those two weeks.  Good sleep and a good breakfast does wonders for those nights!

Back to School Night
Thursday, October 3 is Back to School Night at CBMS starting at 6:15.  Come join us to learn about CBMS and the Quest Team!

Picture Day
Picture day is right around the corner.  Friday, October 4th will be pictured day at CBMS.  Picture forms were sent out today, so be on the lookout!

Book Orders
Have been sent out!  They are due Friday, October 4th. 

Questions to ask your student:
What are some of the producers, consumers, and decomposers you found on your hike?
What goes on your eportfolio?
Which student on Team Quest is moving to Oregon?  What did you do to celebrate her last day? 
Do you plan on participating in the Quest Talent Show?
Who is in your Reader's Workshop Group?
What Math game did you play in class?  What is your strategy for this game?

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