Sunday, October 13, 2013

Newsletter #7 (10/11/13)

Hello Quest Families!

We are finally through with NECAPS and back to our normal schedule!  Homework will resume this week and you can find the links on the Quest Homework Board. 

Color Groups
Our color groups will be changing at the end of this week.  Students will be with different groups for Language Arts and Math starting the week of October 20th.

Bones and Stones

We started our new ESB unit on Early Humans this week. This unit is an Interact Unit.  Students have been put into cooperative groups called "bands."  In these bands, they will be working on both group and individual projects ranging from research projects to making fire without matches. This week, students worked together to create a group identity, including a group totem, banner, and "stones" bag.  Next week, students will begin to develop presentations on different topics related to Early Humans. 


We are finally back to our regular schedule and well on our way into our exploration of number properties as they relate to multiplication and division.  Students will be getting a NEW weekly assignment called Math's Mates.  This will be due on Tuesdays.  Students who have not passed their multiplication fast facts will still be required to fill in Multiplication Fast Fact Practice sheets.

Language Arts

Students will be finishing up their Sy Montgomery books this week.  Students began their individualized spelling program, and sent off their first epal letters to Germany and Poland!  We are working on non-fiction main ideas / summaries.  The POW for this week is regarding this skill.  Each student received a National Geographic, and can choose from any of the articles to read and to write a summary.

Questions to ask:

What is your band's name for ESB?  Your Stone age name?
What is a square number?
Is your epal from Germany or Poland?
What is one of the words on your spelling list?

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