Friday, October 25, 2013

Newsletter #8

Hello Questers!

Welcome winter!

Students have been working in their band groups on presentations.  One presentation was  via Google slideshow, the other was a poster.  Both of these presentations required assigning roles, reading comprehension, some artistry, and working together!   Next week we will be heading to the woods for some survival skills.  We hope the weather holds up for us!

We finished our Sy Montgomery books.  Students have been working with main ideas and details in their reading. Students wrote summaries, and created posters.  There will be a quiz on summaries next week.  We continued writer's workshop this week which enabled students to choose some of their writing.  We have some good storytellers in our group!  The POW for next week is a free choice, and the students are excited about that!  Next week we will begin our blogs through YWP.

 POWs have started up again.   Please help your student keep on top of these assignments by checking in with them.  The POW (paragraph / paper / prisoner?) of the Week is intended to be a week long assignment.  Each day, students are encouraged to work on a bit of it at home.

You can check on Powerschool to see if your student has any outstanding work.  Most assignments will not have codes, but if they are marked, an orange box  means that it is missing, and a red triangle means that it is late.

Service Learning
We worked more with our service learning this week.  Students mapped out where our 8 sugar maple trees will be planted, or went outside to ask questions about the solar project at our school.  Next Wednesday, we will continue with this work, including planting trees!

This week we worked on multi-digit multiplication and began learning about the order of operations.  The order of operations gave us all a good challenge with some excellent dialogue from our young mathematicians.  There is a very helpful video linked through the Quest website that will walk you through the progression of how students learn multi-digit multiplication.

Math's Mates sheets will be due on Tuesday.  It's never too early to get a jump start on these.  Keep practicing those Math Facts!

Questions to ask:

What service learning project are you working on?
What is the Order of Operations?
What was the main idea of your Sy Montgomery book?
What was your presentation about in ESB?
What was the assembly on Friday about?

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